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SK3BG - Sundsvall Radioamateurs - SRA, SWEDEN
SM3CER Contest Service - Rules
IARU Region 1 Fieldday

Sponsor: IARU
Check your own National Society for national scoreing rules.
CW - First full weekend in June.
SSB - First full weekend in September.
Time: CW - June: Saturday 1500 - Sunday 1459 UTC.

SSB - September: Saturday 1300 - Sunday 1259 UTC.

Bands: 10-160 meter (no WARC).
Mode: CW.
  • Restricted class, single operator, multi band
  • Restricted class, multioperator, multi band
  • Open class, single operator - QRP
  • Multioperator, single transmitter, low power
  • Multioperator, single transmitter, high power.
15 minute rule effective. No mains for power supplying allowed.

Restricted class: only one RX/TX, and only one antenna max 15 meter high, max 100W output power.

All categories: Keep a distance of at least 100 meter from any existing buildings. Start the station setup not earlier than 24 hours before the contest starts.

Exchange: RST + serial number.
Points: QSOs with European fixed stations count 2 points, with non-european 3 points.
QSOs with portable stations in Europe count 4 points, in DX 6 points.
Multipliers: Each DXCC- and WAE country counts 1 multiplier per band.
Final score: Total QSO-points times total multipliers.
Logs: Send log within 30 days after the contest to your national society.

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